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Written by Michelle Witte

Tripping on the Step to Success

Why do we have such a hard time taking that step that leads to success? Do we not feel worthy, competent, or do we feel fear? Why do we sabotage our own success? Is it a fear of failure?

Why is failure seen as a bad thing?

Failure is just a lesson. It teaches us what not to do. To think it through and try it a different way. If we can't go over the barrier maybe we need to take the time to go around it, or creatively find a way to plow through it. Failure gives us an opportunity to try again.

Have you ever gotten lost while driving? Though you were late getting where you were going, you learned a new way to get there. Maybe you saw some cool sights along the way.

What you need to do to experience success is to change your perspective, change the way you're looking at that step and just lift your foot! If you trip up, learn and try again, you will get there.

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