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Written by Michelle Witte

Holiday Madness and Sadness During Covid 19

Having to celebrate the holidays without extended family this year, might be a real thing. With the pandemic immersed in the new wave and Covid 19 positive numbers rising it is hard to anticipate how the holidays are going to look this year. The lack of control over the future can make us all anxious and upset. So, how do we reframe our experience and find new joy and excitement in doing our holidays Covid-style!

There are some things we can put in place so we can celebrate (safely) the holidays that we love. It will take us being open to new ways of experiencing the holiday and using our creative minds to make these days special.

Here are some suggestions on how to reframe a challenging time so that you can still enjoy the holidays with your family.

Firstly, acknowledge and verbalize your boundaries around the holidays. If you feel uncomfortable attending holiday dinner, you have the right to say "no" I am not comfortable with coming this year. The best gift you can give your family is to keep everyone healthy and safe so everyone will be at the table next year.

Then you can add some of the creative ideas below to still have a great family gathering virtually. With the pandemic came financial strain, a lot of people are having to be conservative with their money this year. As a family, communicate that this year will be the year of no material presents! What can you do to still show love and celebrate this time of year?

You can write each other a letter, do some art or baking and send it through the mail, make a slideshow of pictures to email or share over teleconferencing. Facetime the grandparents and have them read a bedtime story or have the children read to them. Make a family holiday time capsule, what do you want to remember about this time? If you do still want to purchase a little something for your loved ones, I suggest you shop locally so you can help support your local shops.

Giving to others is the best gift of all! Maybe, since the dinner does not have to be extravagant this year, donate some food to your local food bank. Go through some old toys and clothes and donate them to your local charity. There is a lot of ways of making the holiday special and safe.

Remember to take time to take care of yourself, this time has been very hard on all of us. If you feel like your anxiety is too high or holidays are a trigger for you, I am here. Book an appointment and we can start working on those coping strategies today.

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